It is almost an art in itself getting a tattoo artist who can not only customize a tattoo from beginning but someone who you will connect with and hopefully enjoy the whole process with. What is right for one customer may not be right for another person. Many customers prefer to sit or lie silently while the tattoo artist works on them while others want to be engaged by the artist and fully get into the activity. If you are not lucky enough to already know a tattoo artist well then you can expect to spend a good amount of time finding a tattoo artist that is GOOD for you. Going on-line and doing a search will turn up a large amount of tattoo shops and studios but locating the right artist is a completely different matter.

Some people who are heavily tattooed won’t let anyone but their chosen artist work on them yet others seem to be on some kind of quest to be inked by as many tattoo artists as they can squeeze into their lifetimes. These types of people can sometimes be found lurking around tattoo shows where better known tattoo artists are in attendance. They will reserve well in advance if they know a top tattoo artist is going to be there and can be seen running about showing their tats to anybody who is interested in hearing the all too familiar.

And this tattoo was done by (So and So) at the Florida Tattoo Convention two years ago while this one was done by (insert top tattoo artists name here) last year in Japan

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t get to go to many tattoo conventions or simply prefer to have a more low key tattoo session without loads of onlookers then it is all the more important to find a tattoo artist that you like even if you have to travel to have them work on you.

Traveling to see a Tattoo artist really is not all that bad since you can make a mini vacation out of it.

Here are a few ways to help you choose the right tattoo artist.

* If possible try meet them in person before you consider getting ink done. You can usually see within the first ten minutes if you want that artist to work on you. If they are overly dark it could either be the fact that its Monday morning or they may just be a nasty person..not really the kinda artist you want to have to try make conversation with for four hours.

* Check out their portfolio of customized work. You can tell a lot from a tattoo artists custom work. If their work touches you thats a start.

* Listen to others who have gone before you to the artist. If they talk about the artist like they are some kind of God or Goddess you may be onto something.

* Check out reviews online about the artist. If you see them all over the internet you can bet your hard earned tattoo money he/she is very popular and it might be some time before you can even get your appointment.

* Only listen to advice of people who have actually gotten work by the tattoo artist in question.

* Look for a tattoo artist who specializes in the type of tattoo you are about to have done. If you are looking for some tribal black work and know a particular artist that specializes in this style you should go to them.

There are many more things to keep in mind not lest the standard of professionalism and cleanliness they portray in their studio. All ink artists have a legal obligation to maintain a high standard of practice by using sterile autoclaves and needles. Always check their credentials and if they are a member of any professional associations. If you are in any doubt at all DO NOT get tattooed there. Not only will you risk the transmission of blood borne pathogens from amateurs but ultimately you WILL end up with a really bad tattoo.

It takes many years to become a professional tattoo artist. Don’t think that by going to some back street shop you will be saving money having one done by some biker straight out of jail rather than paying more to a seasoned artist. Chances are she/he will screw it up, leave you with scars or nightmare of nightmares some blood borne disease such as hepatitis.

It is worthwhile to spend a bit of time choosing the right tattoo artist. Not only will you come away with a tattoo which will hopefully last you a lifetime but you will experience an ancient form of art and one which is practiced by every culture under the sun.