What Is The Umonics Method

The Umonics Method
The Umonics Method

Memory is crucial for survival. It is the result of what we remember and gives us the ability to learn and change from previous experiences. It is the capacity to remember past experiences, and the power of recalling previously learned information, experiences, habits and skills. It is the repository of all information learned and more retained. Most of us take our memory for granted, but it has stuck by us since birth, so why not learn how to fully optimise it?

What is The Umonics Method?

The Umonics Method is a memory training enrichment program for preschoolers. The Method applies memory theories to help preschoolers to maximize their potential for memorisation and recall.

Memory theories are important to understand. Once understood, preschools can put its various aspects into practice and enhance their learning.

In a nutshell, The Umonics Method trains pre-schoolers memory techniques so that they can
i. Encode
ii. Store, and
iii. Retrieve information easily and rapidly.

“We break down the barriers that prevent pre-schoolers from memorising effectively and with ease,” says Mr Sancy Suraj, founder of The Umonics Method.

“Children are taught how to read and write during their time in preschool but not how to memorise. There is a big gap missing in preschool education and The Umonics Method closes that gap,” Sancy added.

Why Learn Memory Techniques At Such An Early Age?

What is becoming more clear is that the first few years of life are the most important in terms of physical brain development. The most critical period for the wiring of the brain is during these years.

Typically, this process is nearly complete by the age of 12. We now know that there are various windows of opportunity for learning between birth and the age of 3 or 4, but that nature gives a child’s brain a second chance between the ages of about four and 12.

This suggests that an enormous responsibility lies in the hands of parents and early years educators to make sure that preschoolers develop a solid foundation of memory techniques.

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